In most households, the kitchen is the mother’s kingdom which is regularly invaded by the young ones for various reasons: they want to see what mum is up to and want to lend a hand or they will try to talk mum into giving them a cookie before dinner.

Bond With Your Child.

You can’t keep children out of the kitchen. Thus, many times the child is seated on the kitchen counter and allowed to help however possible but this can still be dangerous. The child is likely to get into an accident. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to introduce her/him to the play kitchen. If there is enough room, the play kitchen can be set up in the kitchen only so that both mother and child can prepare meals in their respective space without coming in each other’s way. Moreover, this serves as an opportunity to bond with the child. The mother could communicate with the child while cooking and ask her/him to talk her through the procedure she/he is following to prepare the dish.
play kitchen

Cooking Can Be Fun - Not A Burden.

Children are fascinated by things in the kitchen whether it is the cutlery especially knives or the stove. This sort of pretend play not only nurtures the child’s creativity but allows for her/him to satisfy her/his curiosity in a safe environment. It gives them the freedom to create their own dish which may have some odd combinations but at this point, it is better if they are not corrected.

Learning To Be Responsible.

Play Kitchen offers a fun way to learn: the correct names for vegetables and fruits, a general know-how regarding how things function in the kitchen. It also helps the parent in teaching the child how important it is to keep the kitchen neat and tidy and to place everything back in its rightful place once you have used it.

Cultivating Social Skills.

What may seem like innocent play to you is actually teaching your child a lot of things that she/he can benefit from for her/his entire life. Play Kitchen usually attracts a lot of attention so if there is more than one child in the house or his/her friends are over, there is a very good chance that all of the children would want to play with Play Kitchen at the same time: teaching her/him how to play and work together with others. Moreover, without realizing it, the children are learning how to take turns and divide the tasks amongst themselves. They are learning how to work together towards the same goal in harmony, complete the task that has been assigned to them and help each other along the way.

Time to place an order online for a Play Kitchen for your princess or prince but in case you want to go crazy with your imagination, you could involve your child in an arts and craft session and use their help to build one out of a cardboard box.